mask forecast


With mask mandates lifting across the country, the decision to wear a mask is left to each individual. N95 masks provide ample personal protection against Covid-19 and the Flu (The Atlantic). Additionally, N95 masks can provide protection in other everyday scenarios as well, inlcuding against air pollution and allergens (New York Times, The Atlantic, Cambridge Mask, IQ Air). The following video from Vox proposes that we might consider wearing masks seasonally and dependent on infection rates of Covid:

While wearing a mask all the time may not fit with everyone's lifestyles, temporary masking can be helpful in protecting you (and loved ones). mask forecast provides a localized suggestion to people across the US if masks would be recommended to be worn indoors or in poorly ventilated spaces on any given day. Additionally, we take into account your personal risk levels for additional personalization.

If you are looking for a mask, check out our mask summary.

Disclaimer: recommendations do not constitute medical advice. If you have any concerns for your health, don't hesistate to wear an N95 mask!